Dina Lohan, mother of movie star Lindsay Lohan, will be getting a show of her own. The reality show is set to be a cross between the reality show Dance Moms and the television show Smash.

Dina Lohan will be in the starring role on the show. She will go behind the scenes and showcase what it is like to launch a Broadway-bound musical. This is not to be confused with an already-on Broadway musical. The series will film the day to day workings of getting a musical off the ground.

The show will follow the talented people when auditioning and performing. It will also follow the performers with their mothers hovering in the background. The reality show, which has not been picked up yet, will be called DramaMamas. Production is set to start this coming weekend and will continue throughout the summer months. The show hopes to bring in mentors from Broadway to give the talented young performers tips and advice.

Dina Lohan's Reality Show "DramaMamas"