Portland Marriage Proposal Gets 6 Million You-Tube Hits

Portland, Oregon actor Isaac Lamb thought his girlfriend Amy Frankel deserved a very creative marriage proposal.

That’s why Lamb recruited 60 men and women to dance in unison on the street near his parent’s home, videotaping the choreographed scene as the world first lip-synched marriage proposal. With the Bruno Mars ballad “Marry You” setting the background music, Frankel began seeing a few of Lamb’s relatives come into view as she sat on the back bumper of an SUV.

The number of dancers soon grew to 60 as a camera captured Frankel’s delighted surprise as she realizes she is witnessing a marriage proposal from Lamb.

Once the music stops, Lamb officially pops the all important question of “Will you marry me?”, telling the giggling Frankel that she has blessed his life with “a lifetime of happiness.”

As soon as she nods her acceptance, the couple kiss. Now uploaded to YouTube, the viral proposal has already received 6 million hits and growing.

elaborate portland marriage proposal goes viral (VIDEO)

elaborate portland marriage proposal goes viral (VIDEO)