Fergie, singer of the Black Eyed Peas, spent a Memorial Day vacation at a beach in Cancun with her husband, Josh Duhamel. She tweeted a photo of herself relaxing in the sun in a colorful bikini. In the photo it was hard to miss that she has a tan and ready for summer beach body. Eventhough she is 37 years old, she has a very impressive figure. The photo not only makes most of us envious of the beach vacation but also of the beach ready body of Fergie.

Fergie is spending more time with her family lately. During the 3 years of her marriage to Josh Duhamel she spent frequent nights and days away from home. She stated on a recent interview lately on the Rachel Ray show that being away from home so much was hard and that she is focusing on spending more time with her husband.

Fergie On Vacation In Mexico