Rita Ora has let the producers of X Factor know that she is more than willing to return to serve as a judge, saying that she had a very enjoyable first time experience on the popular show.

Although the R.I.P. singer has kept the door open for a return as an X-Factor judge, she may not have time to fit judging duties into her tightly packed musical schedule which includes doing her own shows as well as preparing to release a musical album.

She also admits that focusing on the demands of her musical career is her first and foremost priority at the moment.

Judging by the enthusiastic fan reaction when Ora arrived for her X-Factor judging appearance, Ora was one of X Factor’s more popular judges and she always made time to smile for the cameras and chat with her devoted fans.

But she promises a repeat performance for X Factor as soon as the producers need her.

Former X Factor Judge Rita Ora Seeks Return

Former X Factor Judge Rita Ora Seeks Return