Singer Justin Bieber’s attack on a camera-wielding paparazzi is the latest in a long series of celebrity parparazzi fights.

Sure, celebrities love the attention when they want it, but when the paparazzi start to stalk them everywhere they go, tempers can flair and assault charges start getting filed with the local police.

Singer Avril Lavigne has been known to pucker up and toss the paparazzi a wad of spit instead of a kiss when she’s annoyed with them. Pop singer Britney Spears once used her umbrella to attack a paparazzi’s vehicle.

Bjork has had a history of celebrity paparazzi fights dating back to 1996 when she began beating up on a reporter stalking her in an airport.

Actor Alec Baldwin took a punch at a paparazzi who got too close to his then-wife Kim Basinger and newborn daughter.

And actor Sean Pean leads the list of celebrity paparazzi fighters who let their temper get the best of them rather than looking in the camera’s direction and saying “cheese.”

Justin Bieber Latest In Celebrity Paparazzi Fights

Justin Bieber Latest In Celebrity Paparazzi Fights