Posing with celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Oprah, stalker Sarah is a 16-year celebrity lover who has been seen with over 5,000 famous personalities. Stalker Sarah has graced the red carpets, dined with dignitaries and chatted with A-list Hollywood stars.

Stalker Sarah does not get paid to be a personal paparazzi. She does it because she simply loves celebrities. Her soft sell approach to stalking makes it easy for her to rub elbows with movie stars, entertainers and athletes. She doesn’t intrude on private moments or rush celebs for a picture. Instead she simply sidles up to them and engages them in conversation. Then at the right moment, out comes the camera. Stalker Sarah has posed with thousands of celebs.

Stalker Sarah is a celebrity in her own right. Pretty soon she will have her own group of stalkers desperately trying to get that perfect picture at her side.

Stalker Sarah Photographed With Over 5,000 Celebrities