Never at a loss from a spot in news and tabloid headlines, Kim Kardashian stayed in the limelight with a late May allegation that employees of British Airways sifted through her checked baggage, stealing multiple items, including the special sunglasses the reality TV star received from her late father prior to his death in 2003.

According to the New York Post, Kardashian passed through London’s Heathrow Airport on her way back to the United States from a trip to the Cannes Film Festival in Italy. Upon her return to Los Angeles, she discovered that one of her expensive designer bags and a travel bag were also missing. After settling in from her return flight, the socialite expressed her outrage via her Twitter account, accusing the airline of opening her luggage and removing items that held great sentimental value. The airline is in process of conducting an investigation of the incident.

Kim Kardashian's Sunglasses Stolen from Luggage