Since Green Lantern hit theaters last year the brave superhero has become a household name. With the reboot of Green Lantern comics running under the name Earth 2 the beloved hero will be gay in this edition.

“He’s going to be the leader of the team, this dynamic hero, he’ll do anything to save people, the bravest man on the planet. Why not just make him gay as well?” explained “Earth 2” writer James Robinson in an interview with USA Today. “What I really want to do with this character is make the fact that he’s gay to be a part of who he is and not to be the one identifying aspect of him … and have his humor and his bravery be as much or more a part of him as his sexuality.”

The hero will reveal his sexuality during the second issue of the comic book. He will not come out as gay at any point, he will simply be revealed as gay during some point of the story.

This really sets modern comic books apart from the older kind. Long ago this would have never been accepted as appropriate. It all goes to show that times are changing and the world is becoming more tolerant to people being openly gay, even if they are superheroes.

Although Green Lantern is not the first gay superhero to be featured in a comic book he is certainly the most popular. DC has had numerous homosexual characters in their comic books since 1988.

Scott’s full story will be told in “Earth 2” #2, on sale Wednesday.

DC's Green Lantern is Gay In New Comic Series

DC's Green Lantern is Gay In New Comic Series