“You Oughta Know” 90’s pop-star Alanis Morissette has jumped on the band-wagon of attached parenting; leaving it up to her 17-month-old son, Ever, to breastfeed as long as he likes.
The 37-year-old pop-diva is best remembered for her over-the-top rage in her hit “You Oughta Know” appears calm and happy with her son and husband rapper Mario “MC Souleye” Treadway.

“I don’t even really consider it ‘extended,'” Morissette said. “I just consider it appropriate for that particular child and that mom and that family.”

This is in reference to the controversial Time magazine cover featuring a 3-year-old boy breastfeeding while standing. Morissette has become somewhat of an advocate for the attached parenting concept: “[Ever’s] particular style is that — wherever we are, if he sits down and looks at me, it’s time to snuggle, you know? It’s peppered throughout the day, more and less, depending upon what he needs,” she said.

Morissette will leave it up to her son, Ever to decide when it is time to stop.