There are many celebrities who have come out of the closet. Some of them are up front about being gay or lesbian, while it takes other years to come out to the world. A celebrity’s sexual orientation is their own private business. However, those who do come out are usually praised and welcomed by society in this day and age.

Female celebrities who are gay include comediennes Sandra Bernhard, Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O’Donnell, and Wanda Sykes. Actresses include Cynthia Nixon, who recently married her partner. Also, Kristy McNichol who was on Empty Nest as well as Portia DeRossi. Male celebrities include Matt Bomer from White Collar, Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family, AC 360 host Anderson Cooper, and Alan Ball from True Blood fame.

Being gay is becoming more accepted in the world, especially in Hollywood. Being gay or lesbian can even help a person’s career in movies or television.

Stars Who Came Out Of The Closet