A few days ago a police call was made to the Los Angeles County Sheriffs department from a photographer who claimed to have chest pains due to being roughed up by the pop star Justin Beiber.

Caught on a hidden camera, Justin Beiber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez were saw standing outside after the incident while Gomez was trying to comfort and calm down Beiber.

It was shown that his shoe as well as his hat came off. After getting his items back on his body, Beiber was shown walking with his head in his hands as if he were ashamed or embarrassed of what had just happened.

The photographer was taken to the hospital, treated and sent home. Both Beiber and Gomez had left the scene by the time deputies arrived. Investigators are now looking to question Justin Beiber who is in Norway for a concert and also looking to question his girlfriend Selena Gomez for more information.

Justin Beiber wanted for questioning