Scene of Nicole Kidman Urinating in Film “The Paperboy” Draws Attention at Cannes

Cannes, France – The annual Cannes Film Festival is known for generating buzz around films of unique or sensation quality.

The latest film by Nicole Kidman, “The Paper Boy”, co-starring Zac Efron was aired and drew lots of attention for the scene where Kidman urinates on her co-star.

While that may sound shocking, the context is that her co-star gets stung by a jellyfish and urine is an effective way to treat the pain from a jellyfish attack he suffered.

The actress is said to actually have urinated on her young co-star and got his torso and neck wet.

It should be noted as per the magazine Scientific-American that urinating on a jellyfish sting is an old wives tale and does not work.

It will likely make the pain worse. The best treatment is to wash the sting with saltwater as any change in the around the jellyfish stingers releases more venom.

Nicole Kidman To Urinate In New Film

Nicole Kidman To Urinate In New Film