Lost co-stars Matthew Fox and Dominic Monaghan are feuding. Over Twitter, Monaghan stated that Fox beats women. After a fan asked about having good times with Fox, Monaghan reported he never had good times with his former co-star, and that he had no interest being around someone who would hurt females.

Fox has had violent run-in with women, punching a female party bus driver in the groin when she would not take him to his hotel room. No charges were filed during that particular incident. Monaghan suggests Fox’s violence towards women are not isolated incidents, and that Fox does it often.

A source has stated that Matthew Fox has not beaten any female at any time. Monaghan and Fox have not personally spoken to each other in years.

Fox’s representatives have not come forth with any comments as of yet. Monaghan starred in Eminem’s video “Love the Way You Lie”.

Matthew Fox Dominic Monaghan Feud