Love Is In the Air For Lovato and Horan

Demi Lovato, currently a judge on the X Factor and Niall Horan from One Direction both admitted in separate interviews that they have crushes for one another. The fact that they both admitted to it in different interviews shows that love may very well be in the air!

In the interview that started it all Demi said, “I would snog Niall. I do have a little crush on him. I love Niall, he is sooooo cute. I hear he’s really sweet and he’s a cutey pie!”.

In an interview with One Direction the band members were shown pictures of various women popular in Hollywood. When the picture of Demi was shown Niall got quite excited and chose her over all the others.

Celebrity relationships are notorious for ending in disaster, but will this be the case? It certainly seems like these two love birds are on the same page!

Demi Lovato And Niall Horan The Next Power Couple?

Demi Lovato And Niall Horan The Next Power Couple?