Eduard Khil had a long life. In the Soviet Union, the baritone was loved by millions for his songs. After perestroika, he had lost almost everything. With 75 years he was world famous thanks to the Internet again. On Sunday, his life came to an end, the 77-year-old died in a hospital in St. Petersburg.

In April, he had suffered a stroke and was in a coma ever since.

Khils broad smile needed no translation. For Internet-Star, it was with a song from the 70s, where any missing words. “Trololo”, “Hahaha,” “jejeje” the somewhat odd-looking man sang in a double-breasted suit and tie – a duty outfit for Soviet pop stars.

He exuded optimism and good humor unbeatable. The song “I’m so glad I’m finally home,” should have done originally by an American cowboy, so the text was not supposed to let through by the Soviet censorship. The video was made in 1976 during Khils appearance in Sweden and in 2009, more than 30 years later, uploaded on Youtube.

What happened after that is mysterious and strange sounds: The video was a hit in the U.S. and dozens of other countries. Eduard Khil was christened “Mr. Trololo”. Gathered in Barcelona for people Trololo flash mob, sang and danced together in the subways.

The “Trololo Man” brought a bar to sing

The Oscar winner Christoph Waltz made a parody of the song for the Comedie-show. The “Trololo Man” appeared in the American series “Griffin”. In his double-breasted suit he brought a whole bar to sing. The Internet community gathered signatures that Eduard Khil again to go on tour. From his unexpected success, he learned of his grandson.

Internet users appreciate Khil basically to what the Soviet audience loved him: The Joy of Life in all circumstances. “A man does not take much – that his heart is glad,” he sang in one of his songs.

Born in 1934 in Smolensk Khil had experienced the horrors of World War II. After the outbreak of war he had been separated for a long time by his mother and lived in the orphanage. His home town of Smolensk was destroyed. “I sing so many happy songs because I’ve seen in the lives of so many negative things,” he said, according to the Russian agency RIA-Novosti in an interview. “To survive, I tried in the worst situations a good thing to see.”

In the 60 years was successfully Khil. As one of the few Soviet citizens could travel around the world during his tours. A second world tour of “Trololo-man” found many new fans despite not take place.

Eduard khil Dead At 79

Eduard khil Dead At 79