2012 MTV Music Awards – back in the day, music awards were something that was owned by platforms such as “The Grammys” and “American Music Awards” with the former being the gold standard. Nowadays, award shows are simply ratings platforms with video music channels hosting shows where awards are based not on critical evaluation of the music but fans whimsical voting preferences.

Perhaps it was not so strange then that for back to back years Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson win the award for “Best Kiss” – now what does that have to do with music & film from a critical evaluation? Pattinson was unable to attend the event which is code word for had better things to do.

Stewart herself had wanted someone to be on stage with her to accept the award with her and couldn’t find anyone to join her from Lautner to fellow co-star (in another film) Charlize Theron. Quite awkward!

Kristen Stewart's Awkward "Best Kiss" Acceptance At 2012 MTV Awards