Irish Singer Nadine Coyle Looks to Gain Success in Dating Spin-off

Los Angeles, CA – Twenty six year old singer Nadine Coyle of the Irish Girl group “Girls Aloud” is reportedly returning back to London to live and looking to transition to television.

The rumor is that she will be trying to land a job hosting a spin-off of the popular ITV1 show “Take Me Out”. The spinoff would run on ITV2 and be called “Take Me Out: The Gossip”. As a rumor, nothing is confirmed.

However, what is known is that Coyle will be presenting on the show this upcoming Saturday night; she’s also reportedly taking classes to hone the skills needed to present.

There also is the issue with her music career: the band has been on hiatus for two years now.

Fellow band members have already begun branching out into television and film. Coyle is said to have the personality and flair needed to successfully present on a show.

Nadine Coyle To Star In 'Take Me Out' Spinoff

Nadine Coyle To Star In 'Take Me Out' Spinoff