Ozzy Sharon Osbourne Married for 29 Years

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have been married for 29 years in spite of a rocky marriage. Sharon first became known to the public as a tough matriarch who constantly battled her cheating, drug-addled husband. She has stood by Ozzy throughout the years and is known throughout the world as a ‘bitter pill’ that does not sugar coat reality for anyone.

Their marriage came into the public spotlight during their reality TV show on MTV. The couple and two of their children fully exposed themselves and struggled as a result. Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer during the show and insisted to continue filming in spite of the illness.

Ozzy’s errant behavior should not be taken too seriously when it comes how it affects his relationship with Sharon. The pair has been together for 29 years because they are equally unstable. After all, this is the same woman who mailed excrement to her husband’s critics.

Ozzy Sharon Osbourne Married for 29  Tough Years

Ozzy Sharon Osbourne Married for 29 Tough Years