Actress Erin Moran, best known as the vivacious daughter “Joanie” on the hit TV show “Happy Days” has been evicted from her California home.

Today she and husband Steve Fleishmann are reportedly living with his mother in a trailer park in New Salisbury, Indiana.

A source close to Moran says that all the tough breaks and financial trouble that have beset the perky actress in recent years have caused her “to age terribly,” making her look at least a decade older than her real age of 51. But Moran’s presence at the trailer park has been a godsend to her mother-in-law and the actress has been looking after the elderly woman, making meals and making sure their home is as neat and tidy as possible.

Area residents who have seen Moran frequent the neighborhood bar walk right up and ask to take a photograph with her and she treats everyone to a warm smile.

Broke Happy Days Actress Erin Moran Living In Trailer Park