Not everyone seems to be a fan of Taylor Swift’s personal songs.

The song titled “Dear John” was aimed at Swift’s ex-boyfriend and fellow singer, John Mayer.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stones, which will be on stands this Friday, Mayer went on to say that he is a person who will take responsibility for any of his actions, but what Swift’s lyrics portrayed were completely crossing the line.

Mayer admitted that upon hearing the song for the first time he felt humiliated and embarrassed as to what Swift was saying about him.

Though he does have respect for Swift, Mayer went on to say that what she did was misuse her powers and popularity to hurt others, adding that musicians are not supposed to send out revenge through their music.

Swift never publicly confirmed that the song was about her ex, but she did hint that everyone would know who it was about when they listen to it.

John Mayer Humiliated By Taylor Swift