Karl Lagerfeld has such devotion to his nine-month old Siamese cat that he treats the feline with a pampered daily routine.

Choupette was a gift to the fashion designer from Chanel model and singer Baptise Giabiconi. Lagerfeld makes no excuses for the ultimate in pampering that he provides Choupette, saying he enjoys at least two meals a day with her eating on the table right next to him because she is too finicky to eat from a bowl on the floor.

He provides the cat with two personal maids to attend to her every whim, both day and night. And Lagerfeld brags that Choupette even knows “how to use an iPad.” And whenever Lagerfeld is travelling, he misses his little Siamese companion so much that he has instructed his maids to keep a diary of her every daily activity.

So far, they have compiled about 600 pages and Lagerfeld says he’s considering turning that diary into a book.

Karl Lagerfeld Provides Ultimate Pampering for Cat