Megan Fox Baby Bump Confirmed

The time is here yet again as we have another celebrity that is pregnant.

Her name this time is Megan Fox. Fox has been the source of tabloid fodder ever since her career took off in 2007 after the release of Transformers, which also starred Shia Labeouf. This time, of course, its for another reason entirely. She has been seen with a confirmed “baby bump” indicative of a pregnancy.

In regards to when the baby will be born, a source familiar with the situation recently was quoted as saying “She’ll be due at the very end of September or the first week in October.

Megan is attached to a movie called Swindle, but it’s in rewrites and probably won’t even begin filming until next year. So right now her plate is totally clean, and she can devote herself to her baby.”

The father, Brian Austin Green, is 39 years old and was one of the lead characters in the hit series Beverly Hills 90210.

Megan Fox And Baby Bump Make Appearance

Megan Fox And Baby Bump Make Appearance