According to The Sun, Rihanna cancelled her 10-week plan to live and work in the United Kingdom over the summer. This comes after Rihanna informed fans earlier this week that she was moving to London.

Although the 24-year-old Barbadian singer and actress and her representatives haven’t made a formal statement to the press, The Sun is stating that her management has cited “sickness” as the reason. Some believe that Rihanna is continuing to suffer from ill health since her recent hospitalization from dehydration and exhaustion.

A source purportedly told The Sun: “[Rihanna] has been hitting it hard for months. She smokes, drinks and parties hard on top of work commitments.” Several news outlets reported earlier this week that Rihanna looked tired while out drinking.

Some commitments Rihanna had in the UK include filming for a Sky Living TV show, Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend and taking trips around London.

Rihanna UK Stay Cancelled