Who do the rich and famous in society and the art world choose to be their best friends? Often they encounter other rich and famous personalities to become celebrity best friends.

Actors like Robert Redford and Paul Newman first met on a movie set and ultimately became celebrity best friends.

Actresses Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page didn’t let an age difference stand in their way after becoming celebrity best friends on the set of filming “Whip It.”

Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox starred together in a hit television series called “Friends” and remain celebrity best friends to this day.

Actors Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty remain celebrity best friends, although Jack continues to be a swinging bachelor and Beatty has settled down comfortably into married life with children.

Likewise, the world’s most eligible bachelor George Clooney continues to date while celebrity best friend Brad Pitt recently got engaged to longtime girlfriend Angelina Jolie.

Rich and Famous Often Become Celebrity Best Friends