Sherri Shepherd, co-host of TV’s The View, is pursuing all of her legal options after receiving a rape threat via Twitter.

The threat was signed DaCloneKiller. Shepherd responded with a tweet that said she was taking this threat to the police complete with a picture of the words DaCloneKiller had used. She later tweeted she was making a police report and said this was another case of bullying. She went on to point out the pain this behavior has caused has lead to suicides. Her tweeted views received numerous responses that were described as vile and full of expletives. She also filed a police report complaining of the harassment she received through Twitter.

A spokesperson for her TV show said the threats are being taken very seriously by both their legal and security departments. Shepherd says she intends to press charges if the authors of the tweets can be identified.

Sherri Shepherd Fights Back Against Rape Threatening Tweets