Stephen King’s It Movie Part Two

We all remember the story of the clown Pennywise that haunted the seven children in the story up to their adulthood.

Well, Warner Brothers plans to bring back It, by Stephen King, as a two-part film. The film is to be directed by Cary Fukunaga, a directing-award winner.

The film will follow the same story of seven children who run across Pennywise, the clown who kills children.

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Then thirty years later, the same seven children run across Pennywise the clown again and must fight him off. There has not been word of a release date or cast information yet. It is debatable whether or not the film will even hit the big screen.

It was a best-selling book when it was first released and was even a mini-series for a short while. This two-part film will definitely help bring some attention back to the story.

Stephen King's  'It' To Made Into Two Films

Stephen King's 'It' To Made Into Two Films