John Travolta Scrutinized by the Public

In the recent past a lot of information has come out regarding John Travolta. The question is how much is really true and how much will the public believe. For a long time John Travolta managed to stay out of the limelight. Now the worse thing has happened. He is embroiled in the middle of a scandal.

It is claimed that John Travolta has been hiding is homosexuality for a long time. Of course he did everything to hide this fact, much like Rock Hudson did.

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The beginning of the end is when two Masseurs stated that Travolta touched them inappropriately.

Once that happened everyone began jumping on the bandwagon.

Then, as the case usually goes, everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Everything that was pledged to be a secret reaches the public. Sometimes it is questionable whether or not the individuals are doing it for money or their five minutes of fame. Unfortunately, what they don’t care about is the family that is going to be destroyed whether or not this is true. So make up your own mind, don’t just agree with what everyone says.

John Travolta made his first public appearance to honor Shirley McClaine. Travolta, has not commented or made a statement publicly. This could be what his lawyer told him. Sooner or later he will face the public with a statement.

John Travolta Faces Public Amid Scandal

John Travolta Faces Public Amid Scandal