34-year-old actor Brian Presley’s woes stemming from his red-eye flight out of LAX earlier this week continue to mount. In fact, the real life drama for the soap opera actor unfolds ever true of the adage: “truth is stranger than fiction”. The additional details coming out now are that the actor kicked off his flight by downing three bottles of beer and getting drunk.

During his conversation with the strikingly beauty, 22 year old Melissa Stetten of New York City, he was said to have told her that he overcame alcoholism using the 12 step program which is faith based and that his relationship with God was central to maintaining his sobriety and his acting career. He said that from the time he began acting as a late teenager God directed his career. While the professions are certainly pious, it comes across as indicative of deeper emotional problems for the actor if it is true that he made these statements against the backdrop of breaking sobriety and hitting on the young model.

Presley is denying all of the twitter statements made by Stetten at this time. He tweeted the following, “None of what this person said is true! … My Wife ROCKS, My Kids Rock, and Sobriety Rocks!!!” Time will reveal who’s telling the truth soon enough.

Melissa Stetten Tweets Pickup Attempt From Brian Presley