Actress Jolie Sports New Know Your Rights Tattoo

Angelina Jolie is not one of those actresses who simply talks about the causes she espouses.

The back of the neck of the actress many people feel is the most beautiful woman in the world is now tattooed with the message, “Know Your Rights” in gothic lettering, an homage to Jolie’s passion for promoting human rights around the world.

This message tattoo joins several other tattoos that Jolie has had stenciled on her famous body over the past several years, including one of map coordinates that marks the place in Shawnee, Oklahoma where fiance Brad Pitt was born.

The tattoo of a dragon that Jolie had gotten during her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton was history after that marriage dissolved.

Jolie is one of many of Hollywood’s elite who enjoy expressing their causes and creativity by adorning their bodies with tattoos.

Justin Bieber, Cher and Tori Spelling are among the many celebrities sporting tattoos.

Angelina Jolie 'Know Your Rights Tattoo' A Gothic Twist

Angelina Jolie 'Know Your Rights Tattoo' A Gothic Twist