Emma Stone’s Fear of Death
The Help star Emma Stone has revealed in a recent interview that she struggles with an intense fear of death.

Although she’s just 23, the actress has admitted to having panic attacks due to her fear of death from a very young age.

She stated in a recent interview with The Sunday Times Style magazine that, “I’m close to my mortality. I think about it every day. Not in a freaky way, but constantly. I feel hyper-aware that everything could end.”

She also revealed that the reason that she first became interested in acting was because it provided an outlet for her anxiety.

She explained, “I had really, really bad anxiety as a kid, and improv was kind of my saviour.” Although she admits that she still struggles on a daily basis with her fear of death, Emma has sought the help of a therapist who she says has helped her fear immensely.

Emma Stone Worries About Dying

Emma Stone Worries About Dying