Katy Perry and Russell Brand Tattooed Before Divorcing

It seems that divorce is much easily erased than ink.

Katy Perry and ex-husband, comedian Russell Brand, had identical tattoos inscribed on their skin forever. The messages, written in Sanskrit, say “Anuugacchati Pravaha” which translates into “go with the flow.”

Fans are always curious about celebrity tattoos and although the couple is long-divorced in the world of the rich and famous, people always question what Perry has inked on her inner arm. It was reported in March 2012 that Russell Brand went to have his removed as he has a new lady in his life, model Nikolett Barabas. However, Brand responded to the press accusations that he never had the permanent reminder of his ex-wife removed.

Regardless, Perry has recorded it for posterity as she sings about it in her hit “The One That Got Away.” However, Perry seems to be going with the “new mate” flow as well and has been linked to model, Babtiste Giabiconi.

Katy Perry 'Go With The Flow Tattoo' Sanskrit Translation

Katy Perry 'Go With The Flow Tattoo' Sanskrit Translation