Does Zac Efron’s Tattoo Means He Likes Danger?

The media have been reporting on the popularity of the phrase “You only live once” among youth since late last year.

In fact, teen sensation Zac Efron is among the celebrities who endorse the ideal. Efron believes in it so much that he’s called it his “personal motto” and has the acronym, “YOLO“, tattooed on his right hand as a permanent reminder.

However, some people aren’t so enthused with this trend. They claim that YOLO promotes youth to take risks and ignore the consequences because “you only live once.” They argue that young adults, many of which may look to Efron as a sort of idol, use this ideology as an excuse to shirk personal behavior.

It’s impossible to know if Zac Efron believes in the riskier side of YOLO, but it wouldn’t be surprising if young men and women adopted similar tattoos to show their own belief in YOLO.

Zac Efron gets hand tattoo: What does 'YOLO' mean?

Zac Efron gets hand tattoo: What does 'YOLO' mean?