Charlize Theron, world famous actress known for roles in movies such as “Two Days in the Valley,” “Monster,” and “Prometheus,” has shaved her head for her upcoming role as Furiosa in “Mad Max 4: Fury Road.” The movie will begin filming and she is doing this as a way to get into her role’s character.

Charlize Theron has long been considered one of the world’s most beautiful women for well over a decade. Her red carpet dresses and arrivals usually end up on the “Best Dressed” lists of many magazines and websites. Additionally, she has held her own on the acting front garnering awards, nominations and praise from her peers and fans.

Charlize is also known for changing her physical appearance for a role, such as when she played “Patty Jenkins” in “Monster.” She not only gained weight but she looked drastically different from the glamorous and sleek look she normally conveys.

Actress Charlize Theron Shaves Head (PICTURE)