Phillip Phillips Released From Hospital After Surgery

Phillip Phillip’s, winner of American Idol’s 11th season was released from the hospital after an extensive 7 hour operation to remove several large kidney stones.

He had been admitted to the hospital last Wednesday for the kidney stone removal and spent only four days in recovery. The 21-year-old singer had gone into surgery eight times while on American Idol to treat the never-ending attack of kidney stones that were too large to pass.

The surgery was more extensive than the doctors had originally expected as the stones had become embedded in his right kidney. The stones had to be removed with a special laser, but the doctors have stated that the surgery was a complete success for Phillip.

Phillip Phillip’s remains optimistic about his budding music career and stated on Monday that he is out of the hospital and back to work and that he is looking forward to what the future has to offer. Phillip’s is on schedule to join American Idol’s 11th season’s top 10 at the beginning of July for the kick off of a 45 show tour that would begin in Detroit.

Idol Winner Phillip Phillips Out Of Hospital Following Surgery

Idol Winner Phillip Phillips Out Of Hospital Following Surgery