Jennifer Lopez gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy to her twin sons Max and Emme. The singer and American Idol judge was able to drop the pregnancy weight in only four weeks. She embarked on a rigorous fitness program that had her exercising for three hours everyday.

Lopez also only ate 1400 calories a day despite the big calorie burns that her workouts created. The singer stopped eating all carbohydrates on her diet as well. As a result, she was able to lose a miraculous 10 pounds a week.

J.Lo’s workout regime consists of one hour of Pilates, an hour of cardiovascular activity and an hour of weight training. In addition, she hired nutritionists to help her reach her goal weight of 120 pounds. Also, the singer ran a triathlon which she began training for soon after the delivery. Lopez has left the father of her children and singer Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez Gain 40 Pounds With Pregnancy