Widow and Girlfriend Battle Over Thomas Kinkaid Will

The girlfriend of painter of light Thomas Kinkaid is battling his widow of 30 years in a San Jose court over who will receive his estate.

Amy Pinto-Walsh was living with the artist when he accidentally overdosed from barbituates and alcohol earlier this year.

His wife, Nanette Kinkaid, had been separated from the 54-year old Kinkaid for two years when he died.

Pinto-Walsh, who discovered his body, is said to have produced handwritten instructions from Kinkaid in which he indicates he wants his Monte Serano mansion to be bequeated to her, in addition to the sum of $10 million for her to spearhead the establishment of a museum in his honor.

The veracity of the notes has been brought into question by his widow and his corporation since they are barely legible.

Pinto-Walsh has portrayed herself as Kinkaid’s fiance, saying they planned to marry as soon as his divorce was final, but his widow contends she is merely an opportunist.