The 2012 Miss USA contest is involved in more scandal this week.

An anonymous Miss USA contestant is stating, that the winners were chosen before the contest ended.

Karina Brez, who participated as Miss Florida spoke to the anonymous contestant backstage during the contest. Miss Florida told the anonymous contestant, that she saw a document with contestant’s names listed, as the top five contestant winners, reports E!.

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Miss Florida was able to remember four contestants and gave those names to the anonymous contestant. Sheena Monnin, who represented the state of Pennsylvania has also stated, that she knew the contestant winners before they were announced. These events allegedly occurred before the 15 final contestants where chosen.

The controversy has caused the officials of Miss USA, including Donald Trump to pursue legal actions against Sheena Monnin. Sheena Monnin gave back her crown and resigned her position, because she felt the contest was unfair.