In a 2011 interview with the British edition of Glamour, Amanda Seyfried revealed she regularly meets with a therapist to cope with panic attacks she now suffers as a result of being in the public eye.

“[Therapy] has been such a great tool, and my therapist told me that I passed with flying colors, but we’ll see how things go,” Seyfried says in the magazine’s November issue.

“I still do get terribly nervous, and that’s partly due to the fact I think too much and overanalyze things,” she admits. “I’ll start worrying about my parents or my dog, and I’ll picture him opening the window of my apartment and falling out, even though I can’t get that thing open myself.”

The 26-year-old actress also cites her previous relationships with Dominic Cooper and Ryan Phillippe as contributing factors to her anxiety.

“Dominic and I were together for such a long time, so the coverage was always positive,” she explains. “But when you’ve just started seeing someone and that person is really famous, it’s more of a story.”

“When I was with Ryan, people followed me so much more, and that’s probably one of the reasons that I’m not looking to date someone who’s famous now.”

Seyfried is’t the only actress to express trouble coping.

Brooke Shields famously struggled with postpartum depression, and Lorraine Bracco has discussed being depressed in the nineties. Still, it’s not common to hear Hollywood stars talk about their shrinks — unless they’re working their way back from publicly acknowledged addiction. It’s almost as though unless you have a total breakdown, you’re supposed to pretend everything’s fine.

Amanda Seyfried Struggles With Panic Attacks

Amanda Seyfried Struggles With Panic Attacks