Chris Brown Talks To the Police about the Alleged Drake Brawl

It looks like Chris brown and violence are inseparable.

After being accused of hitting Rihanna, he is alleged to have been involved in brawl with Drake; a fellow rival rapper. The brawl took place at Soho’s W.i.P night club in Manhattan, during the early hours of Thursday, 14th June, 2012.

According to sources, the fight erupted from a row over Rihanna, whom both rappers have dated. The rappers started throwing bottles at each other, injuring innocent people caught in the crossfire. Five people were hospitalized with serious injuries; among them Tony Parker and an Australian tourist.

Hours after this incident, Chris Brown gave a statement to NYPD investigators concerning this scuffle, which left him with a cut on his chin. Brown, through his lawyer Mark Geragos, presented the investigators with physical evidence that purportedly proves that Drake was the instigator of the brawl. Brown is hoping the evidence will have him labeled as a victim, rather than a suspect. NYPD is also investigating if gunshots were fired during the scuffle.

Chris Brown Speaks With Police About Alleged Drake Brawl

Chris Brown Speaks With Police About Alleged Drake Brawl