Earlier this week, some news outlets had reported that former Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus was perhaps with child.

Cyrus’ mum Tish has flatly denied the rumous via twitter.

“So sad that the nasty tabloids have to make up stories to sell their trashy mags. Cant they just leave these 2 alone and let them be happy?… makes me so sad (sic),” she wrote.

She continued: “This should be the happiest time of [their] lives and it makes me sick they USE her to sell mags…

“Thanks to all the Miley supporters who LOVE her.”

The young couple have been put through the rumor mill since announcing their engagement just over a week ago.

A ex-girlfriend of the Hunger Games star said she was surprised to hear he had popped the question.

“Of course it hurts seeing someone I spent so many years with moving on, especially when I learned from the media,” she said.

Miley Pregnant Rumor Denied By Mum

Miley Pregnant Rumor Denied By Mum