The Material Girl’s Current Tour Demands

Madonna is the material girl. She is certainly earning her title and her latest tour demands are turning heads, according to In Touch.

The iconic pop singer is on her MDNA tour, and is accompanied by a 200-person entourage. She requires that a yoga instructor, an acupuncturist, a team of chefs and even a dry cleaner be on hand to meet her needs at any hour of the day.

She has also demanded 20 international phone lines, flowers cut to exactly six inches in length and that her dressing room use furniture she has had shipped in and be covered in a special fabric.

“Madonna has probably the longest list of requirements of any of the world’s music stars,” an unnamed source told The Daily Star. “She expects things to be just right or it puts her off her stage show.”

“She requires all furniture be removed from the rooms and replaced with her own pieces that she has shipped in,” reveals another insider to In Touch.

A spokesperson for the star was unavailable for comment earlier today.

Madonna Tour demands Include 20 International Phone Lines

Madonna Tour demands Include 20 International Phone Lines