While attending the Beverly Hills Hotel’s 100th anniversary party, actress Mena Suvari wore a dress that has everyone talking.

The racy and gravity-defying gown appeared to be stay up by magic.

The Huffington Post reports:

The busty front of the dress had no back and must have involved some major double-sided tape maneuvering. Although the overall effect was a bit racy, the silhouette was feminine with the sheer skirt fluttering over a flesh-colored bodice. The hair and makeup was kept simple, but the petite blonde added some extra va-va-voom with gold metallic pumps and large black satin bows on each ankle strap.

This isn’t the only wardobe malfuction for the “American Beauty” actress. In April she accidentally flashed her bottom through her black, see-through gown.

The actress who is currently going through a divorce, revealed that her ex’s always end up hating her.

The star said: “I’ve never run into an ex who I have fallen back in love with. They all end up hating me.”

“I just keep moving on. I don’t like going back, I think that’s unhealthy.”

Mena Suvari Dress Is Pure Magic

Mena Suvari Dress Is Pure Magic