In a new clip from Katy Perry’s upcoming film, we see how close she is to her older sister, Angela Hudson.

Yahoo! posted the preview clip for “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” in which Hudson is introduced, saying, “We always kind of had this deal that when [Katy] made it big, I was going to work with her and we were going to be together.”

“My sister, not only does she like to work hard on tour, [but] she likes to play hard on tour,” says Angela. “Any time we go to a city where we have a day off, she always likes me to explore something fun with her.”

Perry, 27, had a strict religious upbringing. Her parents, Keith and Mary Hudson are pastors.

“A lot of people have a lot of ideas about me, but this is a film that I made for myself, for my fans … so that they can get the all-access pass. And I’ve never been this revealing,” said Katy about the movie.

In the video, we see Katy and Angela hang out at a water park and the two take a plunge on a bungee-type apparatus — a big deal for Hudson, since she’s afraid of heights.

Angela Hudson, Katy Perry's Sister Look Like Twins!

Angela Hudson, Katy Perry’s Sister Look Like Twins!