Nintendo showcased the New Super Mario Bros. 2 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

According to Gaming Age, the game seems to focus on four player co-op, with an optional fifth player that can manipulate the environment a bit using the new Wii U GamePad.

According to Nintendo’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Nintendo wants fans to help Mario collect one million coins. No one has mentioned what happens when Mario collects the one million coins though.

The biggest difference for the New Super Mario Bros. 2 seems to be the intent behind the game.

Mario has always seemed to have a fondness for princesses but the new game appears to be money oriented. Instead of slowly building up your coin purse from hidden blocks and special tunnels, coins are everywhere.

Mario is given flower power to turn blocks and enemies into coins. They have created a magic helmet and a golden hoop that create even more coins. Not everyone appears to be thrilled by what little Nintendo has disclosed on the new Mario. New Super Mario Bros. 2 debuts in August.

Super Mario Bros. 2 Unveiled

Super Mario Bros. 2 Unveiled