Adult Film Starring Octomom Suleman Released

The world may not be waiting with bated breath, but the first clips of Nadya “Octomom” Suleman in her first adult movie role have been released on Twitter thanks to her friend and fellow porn actress Jessica Drake.

According to Wicked, the film features the mother of 14 in a variety of “erotic vignettes” that “take playful aim at different aspects of her Octomom persona.”

Suleman is best known as the unwed mother who had eight more children thanks to fertility drugs and is now struggling to pay off massive debts as she supports a total of 14 children on her own.

Suleman defended her decision to start working in the lucrative porn film industry, saying she would do whatever it took to be certain her children were well housed and well fed.

“When you face your ultimate fear,” says Nadya, “it forces us to learn, grow and transcend into our highest potential as a human being.”

She does fear that her kids may one day see the movie.

I’m scared that my parents will see the video, and, of course, my children can’t watch it, but eventually I will talk with them about it. I’m not ashamed of my body,” Suleman tells me. “Maybe this will open the door to more opportunities. This has changed my perspective of myself. For me, doing this means I no longer have to hide the sexual part of myself.”

She adds, “I denied it for so long and wasn’t that comfortable or that confident in myself, but now I have faced that fear. It is very empowering. The most difficult part of taping was touching my bottom part. It didn’t really know what I was doing, but I tried my best.”

From Adult Films To Loan Spokesperson?

TMZ says Octomom is doing ads for OctoLoan, a referral agency that hooks up desperate people with cash lenders.

OctoLoan boasts it can get you $1,000 instantly!

The website says:

Nadya Suleman Endorsed (OctoMom)
If anyone knows financial hardship Nadya does. This is why she has decided to endorse our service OctoLoan℠ which connects you directly to a lender when you need money quickly. A cash advance is designed to help you during an unexpected emergency. You can use it for a car repair, food, credit card bills, rent, travel or whatever you need it for. Use cash advances responsibly. They are not designed for long term financial solutions. They can be more affordable then over draft charges from your bank, credit card late fees, and reactivation charges from utilties.

Trouble is, the short-term loans gouge consumers with high interest rates exceeding 600 percent APR. It’s the perfect way to keep the target demographic (desperate folk stuck outside the American Dream) all the more desperate.