Six Months Pregnant, Snooki Falls in Platform Sandals

The pregnant Jersey Shore star was recently been seen falling while wearing a pair of platform sandals.

The mother-to-be took a spill in New Jersey’s Seaside Heights but was able to catch herself with one hand and fortunately did not get hurt.

She has sworn off tanning, smoking and partying while she is pregnant. Her defiance at wearing flat shoes will probably change after this embarrassing public incident. She has not released any statements about what happened.

“I feel confident in them, and I know I’m not going to fall, so until it feels very uncomfortable, I’m still going to rock them,” Snooki told “Good Morning America” of her heel obsession earlier this month. “I’m only 24 and I’m pregnant — it doesn’t mean I need to be wearing flats and ugly shoes. I can still look good.”

The shoes were not particularly high, but pregnancy has a way of making feet swell and ache. It is likely that the pregnancy had something to do with the star tripping over her own feet.

So, is it finally time for Snooki to give up her heels?

Snooki Falls Wearing Platform Sandals: Pregnant Star Not Hurt

Snooki Falls Wearing Platform Sandals: Pregnant Star Not Hurt