Karadashian Girls are Spoiled but Earned It

The Kardashian girls: Kim, Kloe, and Kourtney were recently interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and were asked if they are “spoiled”.

Kloe admitted that they are by virtue of the way they live but stressed that she is not a “brat” about it.

“I think I’m spoiled,” Khloe said. “I’m not a brat, but I’m definitely spoiled. Look around us.”

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Kourtney’s answer was nuanced and said she views the lifestyle as “Kloe’s way” and feels it a privilege.

“I don’t think I’m spoiled,” Kourtney countered. “When I think of it as Khloe’s way, then I do feel very blessed.”

Kim was more circumspect about the question and while tacitly agreeing that the moniker might apply added that they have worked for what they have.

“I think that we work hard to spoil ourselves. … I like to work hard and set goals and buy myself things at certain periods of life, so that’s spoiling myself,” Kim told Oprah.

Kim admits they have led privilaged lives but insists it was her parents, Kris Jenner and the late Robert Kardashian, who instilled good values and a strong work ethic in the girls at a young age.

“Growing up in the lifestyle that we did, we had high standards,” Kim said. “But our parents let us know, like, if we want this lifestyle, we’d better get to work. We didn’t have credit cards, we didn’t have cell phones. We didn’t have all that that our friends had.

“We lived in a gorgeous house, [had] gorgeous cars. We saw all of that,” she added. “But if we wanted that, that was up to us.”

With fashion lines and successful TV shows fueling their lifestyle Kim certainly has a point.

What do you think? Have the girls “earned” everything they’ve got?

kardashians: "We're spoiled But We Work Hard"

kardashians: “We’re spoiled But We Work Hard”