Josie Gibson Drops a Dress Size

Josie Gibson, winner of Big Brother, was spotted on the beach earlier this year while vacationing in Ibiza with a much fuller figure.

Shocked by the photos, the 27-year-old decided that she had to get in better shape and drop the pounds.

With a change in her calorie intake, she was able to lose a considerable amount of weight.

Now she is showing off her new body in next week’s issue of Closer magazine.

She said: “I’ve cut out dairy products and I eat much more healthily now. No junk, just loads of fish, avocado and salad – I know what I’m supposed to eat, but it’s not always easy.

“I stick to 1,400 calories a day and my golden rule is to always have breakfast.

“That’s where I’ve gone wrong in the past — I’d starve myself until late morning, then fill up on loads of junk food. I was also boozing too much and not watching my portion sizes.”

Josie has currently lost a full dress size and is currently a size 14. S

he is now aiming to be a size 10 for her next vacation coming up in August.

She told Closer magazine: “I have a picture in my head of how I’m going to look when I’m slimmer. I’m planning a trip abroad in August and I want to look hot on the beach.

“The aim is to be a size ten by next summer and hit the music festivals in cowboy boots and hot pants with a fringed bra top. I have the outfit, I just need to lose the weight.

“I’m well aware my body’s not perfect and I don’t like my droopy small boobs. But being healthy is what’s most important.”

This week’s Closer magazine is on sale now.

Josie Gibson Drops A Dress Size For Bikini Shoot

Josie Gibson Drops A Dress Size For Bikini Shoot