Fans become outraged when Willow Smith gets ‘tongue ring’

Fans of 11-year-old star Willow Smith were outraged recently when a picture uploaded to Instagram showed her sporting a tongue ring.

Many people were sending in complaints through social media networks and blogs about the incident. Other fans found the body modification to be humorous. It was later revealed to be a fake, but that was not enough to calm hundreds of shocked fans.

Willow admitted the piercing was just a hoax: “It’s fake… Sorry,” she added to the Instagram photo.

As @adamdcomedy put it, “Willow Smith was trending because she faked a tongue piercing? Wow. Normal kids have to fake being in a balloon for all that attention…”

Whether or not the fake piercing actually warranted the uproar is up for debate. Either way, the young star’s name was trending throughout major search engines because of it. It is unclear if Smith will address the issue further.

Willow Smith Tongue Ring isn't Real, So Relax

Willow Smith Tongue Ring isn’t Real, So Relax