Looking back at Amy Winehouse

The notorious singer, Amy Winehouse, has not been forgotten. Even after her death.

Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse, does not want her fans to forget about her or her life. He feels the way the media portrayed his daughter was not accurate.

Mr. Winehouse also feels as if Amy’s ex-husband, Blake Fielder, is the one to blame for the path his daughter went down, and he has no problem openly talking about Fielder’s role in his daughter’s death.

“I blame Blake for her drug addiction,” Mitch Winehouse said in an interview with ABC News. “He stood up and said ‘I switched Amy onto Class A drugs.’ But not for her death. He loved Amy. He would never, ever in a million years have wanted this for Amy.”

“Amy’s death wasn’t anyone’s fault. It wasn’t my fault. I was a great father,” he said. “Janis [Amy’s mom] was a great mother. I’d love to blame Blake but it wasn’t his fault. Amy was a 27-year-old woman and you can’t have someone sitting over her watching her breathing.”

Amy Winehouse died at her home in July of last year. Ironically, in the end, she died of alcohol poisoning.

Blake, who is also a singer, was preparing for a gig in New York City when he was told of his dauther’s death.

“How we got home, I don’t know. How we got back, I couldn’t tell you,” he said through tears. “We got to the house in Camden Square and those people, I can’t tell you what it was like, my family and friends were there and hundreds of people. It was just beautiful. I knew I was going to make it because of all these people.

Mitch has written a book, ‘Amy, My Daughter.’ All Proceeds from the book will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity he set up after her death to help young people.

Amy Winhouse's Dad Doesn't Blame Anyone For Daughters Death

Amy Winhouse’s Dad Doesn’t Blame Anyone For Daughters Death